Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Calling

When God calls you to do something different than what you have always done, you will know it.  You won't have to wonder what God wants; He will make that perfectly clear.  God is not trying to trick us into doing something we don't want to do.  The Qaran says Allah is the greatest schemer, always getting the best of humans.  This is total nonsense.  God is not in the business of trying to trick anyone.  He wants our love and loyalty.  He respects us and adores us.  We are his children, and one doesn't treat children that way.

When God asked us to begin ministering to Muslims, I thought I was crazy.  I had never met a Muslim, and I didn't know where to look for a Muslim.  I didn't know where there was a Mosque, and frankly, I didn't really care to find one.  All we knew to do was pray and read about Islam.  Two months after we were called to this ministry, a Muslim girl entered our lives.  We were shocked, but we understood that God was working.  That was about two years ago, and we have met over five hundred Muslims.  We have had Muslim students, taught Muslim classes, had young Muslim men live with us, and met Muslims in the Mosques.  I would never have thought this possible for two country people in small town America.  When God gives us a mission, He provides what we need to do what He asks.  It's as simple as that.

God doesn't ask us to give up everything we have to follow him.  He just asks for what we are unwilling to give.  This is just an opinion of mine, but I do have a story to back it up.  Before we went to the Gulf to teach, we were looking at pictures online of the place we were going.  A pic came up that startled both of us.  We saw a woman in Muslim dress with the strangest looking burka we had ever seen.  I told my husband that that was the scariest thing I had ever seen, and that I sure wouldn't want to try to meet her.  God was simply preparing us for what was coming.

When we reached the Gulf, we were given an assignment to try to accomplish while there.  We were to find Bedu people and try to meet them, see if they spoke any English, and possibly tell them about Jesus.  We said that sounded ok but how would we know when we found Bedu.  Our contact took out photos and, (you can probably guess what's coming next) there they were, the women with the bizarre masks that we didn't want to meet, much less tell about Jesus. (What if they kill me?)  As I said before, God wants what we are not willing to give.

We had no idea how or where to meet these strange looking people, but we started praying and looking.  About two weeks later, we met our first Bedu.  He spoke no English, but tried to talk to us.  Through a translater, we learned that he was inviting us to his house.  We ventured out and within a month, we met around five hundred Bedu men and women.  We became friends with one family in particular, and even got to tell them about Jesus.  God is awesome!!!  

You don't have to know how to do what God asks of you.  You just have to be willing to obey.  God is not trying to make your life miserable, he is trying to give you the most wonderful and rewarding life imaginable.  He is trying to give you a little piece of heaven on earth.  Just trust him and go for it!!  I promise you won't be sorry.  It may be scary if you stop to think about what you are doing, so don't worry about it.  That is God's job.

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