Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dates grow in desert countries during really hot summers.  Dates are fruit by the way, not nuts as some people think.  They grow at the top of date palm trees.  Many grow as tall as 15 meters and men usually climb the trees to harvest the dates.  The date season is June through August, and we were in the Gulf during most of the date harvest season this year.  There are several different varieties of dates, including Khalas and Khanese which are the two most popular.  Dates are a part of the Muslim religion in the Gulf.  In the Qaran, it says that Mary gave birth to Jesus under a date tree.  After the birth of Jesus, it says some of the dates fell from the tree for Mary to eat to regain her strength.  This is an awesome thing to know because anytime you are eating dates with a Muslim, there is a great opportunity to talk about Jesus.  In a Muslim country, you create your opportunities.  They will not happen on their own.

Dates are really tasty.  The dried dates have almost a buttery texture and a rich, sweet taste.  People in the Gulf eat them every day; fresh ones in the summer and dried ones in winter.  Everywhere we went, good people would give us dates to take home.  We had to purchase two extra pieces of luggage to bring all the dried dates home (about 8 to 10 kilos).  I'm surprised we made it through customs with them, but we are not sure our luggage went through customs.  It was lost when we went through. ( That's a whole other story for another day.)  If you ever have a chance to visit a Gulf family, you will probably be offered dates.  They are great, just to let you know.

If you are interested in making friends with Muslims, read the Qaran.  They are always willing to discuss what's in it, and when they find out you are reading it, they will want to spend time trying to convert you to Islam.  Bingo!!  Another great opportunity to talk about Jesus the Messiah.  He is in the Qaran.  And don't be intimidated by the Qaran, or reading it.  It will strengthen your faith, not make it weak.  If you want to read about Mary, Jesus, and the dates, read Sura 19 (Maryam) starting with Aya 16.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. It is inspiring and motivating!